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Clothes invade museums

Where is the limit between art and fashion?

We looked at each other, I already knew what he wanted to do and, without saying a word, we joined the queue. We had to wait hours and were just going to be in New York for a few days, there was no other option. It was almost 10 years ago, but I remember the crowd waiting, I remember the nerves, to know that we were doing what we should not be doing and, once inside… I remember the beauty; the one is only found in darkness, in sadness, in gloominess. We had sneaked into what would become one of the most important fashion exhibitions in history and, although at that time I did not consider whether it was art or not, the pieces of the late Alexander McQueen in Savage Beauty made me feel an excitement I had rarely felt before. Yes, it was about clothes, patterns, mannequins that remain cloudy in my memory; it does not happen that way with my sensation when seeing them, still intact.

Marta Gili, until very recently director of the Parisian museum Jeu de Paume, affirmed in the 7th issue of BEIS that “the moment that anything moves you and makes you think, that is art”. Based on her words, that was an immense work in the form of fabrics, made and above all -perhaps- exhibited in a masterly manner. Then it was not so usual to see the designs of great couturiers in museums around the world, and it was after this exhibition, which broke records of visitors in the MET, when the boom broke out.

© Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris Luc Castel

Currently, there is no artistic space dedicated to the general public that does not have a fashion exhibition in its programming. Some of them go around the world, passing through the great capitals of art and fashion, and the designs we have seen on the catwalk are inside display cases as if they were true works of art, but are they really?

Thanks: Vanessa Parapar

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