Art Review

Breathing Spell Nairy Baghramian

The Glass Palace Press Pause (Madrid, from May 17 to October 14, 2018)

With a delicate and serene aesthetics, the work of the Iranian artist Nairy Baghramian adopts a certainly irreverent approach to sculpture, architecture and installation, often fusing the three languages and blurring their barriers. Breathing Spell is her first solo show in Spain, in which she intervenes, with the same dedication, inside of the Glass Palace in Madrid.

The installation consists of a series of structures that are braided with the space magically, with the naturalness of something that has always belonged to a place. Climbing the columns, hanging from the ceiling, discreetly skirting the sides, these cylindrical figures are as fantastic as realistic. Produced with steel, resins, silicones and leather, the sculptures inhabit the palace in an almost animal, reptilian way. Is it the dead skin of a giant explorer serpent? What did you look for in this space that you investigated to the point of ennui? Where is it now? Regenerated in another space? The most disturbing aspect of the installation, perhaps, is the way in which such a light esthetic can move us to a field of doubt about the living, about the present absence, about the contained emptiness.

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