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Any-Space-Whatever by Javier Chozas

In an essay in 2011 titled Global Conceptualism Revisited, Boris Groys pointed out that the contemporary conceptual artist has shifted the attention from the static, from the individual object, towards the presentation of new relationships in time and space.

The elements that conform the work are as important as the spaces between them, as the invisible threads that invite us to trace. The installation Any-Space-Whatever, presented on July 12, 2018 by the Spanish artist Javier Chozas for the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Arts Degree Show, clearly pushes us to reflect about this fundamental question of the state of contemporary art.

Javier Chozas

The work is fundamentally polyphonic. As a vast multitude of sculptural elements of different sizes, textures, and energies coexist in it, it is impossible to apprehend at a glance. All the integral elements made by using cheap and raw materials like foam rubber, latex, ceramic or papier-mâché, figures like an aching hand, an old convulted mattress hanging between two screens, or ambiguous cefalomorfous shapes in different materials enact a dialogue between them as we dedicate time to the piece, as our glance and our feet walk on it. As members of an open song, all of these elements seem to cohabit in a sudden act of meeting-each-other, alive in an ephemeral puzzle. Hanging from nowhere in a marvelous and disturbing instability. In any moment, capable of, about to, in process of, finishing.


Borde superiorarticulos


Borde superiorarticulos


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Borde superiorarticulos