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BEIS is a magazine specialized in contemporary art, quarterly and on paper, printed in Spain, whose main objective is the dissemination of contemporary art news from the writing of reviews, reports, interviews and analysis of the art market.

BEIS offers this information in Spanish and English so that the reader has an overview of the reality of art and the market in its global context. We have a mission: to bring the world of contemporary art closer to the general public.

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We work our content so that it never expires and is also accessible to a non-specialized audience, with a fresh and enjoyable language.

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We therefore cover exhibition events, trends and various artistic happenings taking place in the months prior to the publication of the magazine, which allows our readers to know the current general panorama from different points of view on the events in the multidisciplinary national and international artistic scene.

Founded in 2012, BEIS was born to cover a niche in the art market in Spain, which represents 2% of the world market. Thanks to the information offered in the magazine, the reader will be more and more familiar with the most contemporary art and will know, from the hand of experts and first voices of art, the most important artistic trends and exhibition events in the national and international panorama.

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Who is behind BEIS?

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Publishing Director

María de la Iglesia Mata


Jade del Arco Liébana

Juan Antonio Molina

Art Directors

Paula López-Bravo de Lucas

Pablo Pereda Sánchez


Emilio Martínez Conde

Inma Benedito

Juan Antonio Molina

Cristina Fernández

Carmen García

Konstantinos Argyriou

Sofía Corrales Akerman

Nicola Mariani

Production & Printing

Exce Consulting Group

Graphic Work

El Taller del Prado

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